Two of those burning questions were answered– where was the raisin bran, and where was the oatmeal? I knew I’d bought the oatmeal just Saturday… both had simply disapparated… was there a breakfast-only thief stealing from me in the night?

Thank heavens, no. I found them both.

But others go unanswered. Like why can’t I get myself to bed early enough to get enough sleep? God knows I’m exhausted. I popped half a pill, and now the second half… maybe it will kick in soon.

And why, when I can’t sleep, am I so drawn to the pitcher of homemade sweet tea in my fridge? I really think caffeine causes anxiety for me. So I try to sneak it in… organic green tea… homemade sweet tea, greatly diluted with sugar and water and soooo good… there’s only a teensy bit of caffeine in those, right? None of that nasty soda or coffee for me.

Here’s the burningest question.

I can’t find my child’s other thermos.

I have two– one to wash and one to use. I put spaghettios in them for her lunches, spaghettios exclusively– once I sent cheesy mashed potatoes and another time I sent a delicious soup and she scraped a few bites off the top of the cheesy mashed potatoes and of the soup ate not one bite. So much for that. Anyway… I found the thermos from Friday, when I forgot she was having her end of year picnic at school, this morning (Tuesday) and I know I will have to face opening it some time.

But that’s just one. Which means the other is… out there somewhere, waiting and probably full of mold. Ugh!


Have I mentioned how much I love Spoon? I love them. LOVE them. Although I have to admit that the naked (if jaded) emotion in the songs embarasses me even as it thrills me. Imagine being that, well, that naked? I can’t. It is so immediate it hurts. It’s like picking a scab. But like picking a scab, I can’t help it. I haven’t loved any band like this since My Morning Jacket. Click pop out player down lower right. After my favorite song by Jenny Owen Youngs, some good SPOON.

Is Austin the place I need to go to start over and settle down into forever?

Why can’t I go to bed and get the sleep i need?

Where is that thermos? I have to find it and scald it with boiling water before it explodes!

Maybe the pill is in my system good. I can still get seven hours of sleep… I used to be a morning person, what is happening to me?

Evidence that everything can be just terrible and just painfully beautiful at the same time…