It is so beautiful out here– Napa/Vacaville California. The skies are blue blue and there’s a stiff breeze at all times (this was bad timing for someone with a huge cowlick in the front to cut bangs). My sister in law’s house is comfy cozy and her back porch and little fenced in yard are lovely too. Despite all the new construction, new money, and paving over, much of Napa still has so much atmosphere– I’m probably feeling all the 20th reunion emotions my husband is too easygoing to worry about.

We ate supper last night at the pizza joint where my husband and his best friend unionized the dishwashers… my husband walked off the job aftet two weeks. His dad asked him why. You’re not going to be a brain surgeon, you know. So no, he’s no brain surgeon, but it’s given my husband great satisfaction to make more in a year than– well anyway.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know the people he went to high school with. He’s enjoying getting to know them too cause he graduted in a class of 400. FOUR HUNDRED. So even the reunion committee has to spend time looking puzzled and asking, who are you again? And then getting all excited when they finally figure out the shared memory.

I can’t imagine graduating in a class that big. I am way more of a small town girl than I thought… I love my privacy, I love my time alone, I love quiet anonymity,  I love walking down the street completely alone in a big city anywhere in the world knowing NO ONE– or at least I thought I did. And I’m sure I still do.  I also love big parties and bars and the thrilling unknown of stepping into big gatherings of people I don’t necessarily know, people watching and all. But to be part of such a large group and know so few people– that seems to me so lonely!

But when we went back to my 20th last year I felt surrounded by family.   Surrounded by family has its good and bad points, right? They remember you when. The humiliations of high school (and for me there were MANY, most self-inflicted) are right there in their eyes when they look at you.  And I hang my head in shame to remember how many of those sweet old faces I did not recognize or have names for. But they also, well, remember you when. And my graduating class of 75 made a conscious effort for that reunion to connect, support, uplift, really be together. It was so sweet. It was like family.

Course, that could be a cultural difference, not just a size difference.

Blah blah blah. That’s a very long way around to my point, because I have to go get ready.

We have to leave here in about 20 minutes to get to our next engagement. We just barely got 7 hours of sleep last night. That’s our fault of course, we could have come back to my sister in law’s for a good night’s sleep… but we didn’t, because we craved time in a smaller group really connecting.

So now we have to bust it out of here. Which leads me to my point.

I got up at nine and enjoyed the incredible weather in the cozy back yard for about 15 minutes, and have blogged for about 15 minutes. And now we have to go.

Vacation is when you DON’T have anywhere to go. This is like work. Except we choose to do it and paid a lot of money to do it. And everyone is super nice. And the weather is SO FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL. We’re in Napa!

But it’s still like work. Go, go, go! So off we go. I gotta be picnic ready in 20 minutes. At least I can do my makeup in the car… and there’s no breeze to screw up my cowlicked bangs in the car. Sigh.