It’s after ten– I can’t believe I’m letting my little one sleep this late! But the mommy time? Priceless. She’s on vacation schedule for a bit longer… I’ll ease her into real world schedule later.

It’s another soppy day out– but I’m resolved to get outside a bit.

We’re floundering in material plenty so insane that we cannot even manage it.

Well I guess if we were floundering in that much plenty we could hire a maid to manage it, right? Maybe our priorities just aren’t right, eh?

My little one has toys she hasn’t even opened yet. And how we’re going to shoehorn those into her tiny bedroom, which already contains so many toys as it is, I don’t know.

One cool thing about this Christmas, though, is her ability to really focus and enjoy. She did not tear open every single present and then throw them all in the corner to be ignored for another year.

She worked very hard at Wii Rock Band. She spent hours and hours placing teeny tiny little plastic beads on the pegs of little patterns– and then made my husband iron the beads together to send a little plastic flower home with my stepkids. She was frantic that the stepkids get to take it home. My little bird.

She spent hours cutting little snips of paper and fabric– I have no idea why– but I reached into my stepson’s stocking and found lots and lots of those snips of paper. I ‘spect she was making a stocking for her ‘children’– thirty-dollar Baby Alives in African American and Hispanic notwithstanding, her children are usually dollies we got for a buck or two at the thrift store. They were certainly the recipients of the twin adorable red knit velvet preemie dresses I intended for the Baby Alives.

She’s often doing things for her children.

The season went by so fast, and I have been so unprepared. Yet I worked my ass off. Yet it’s already over– some things got done, most didn’t. So much went on right here at the eleventh hour.

Well, I can celebrate winter and the lengthening days for a bit longer before real life kicks back in… but I vow to start on next year’s holidays– NOW. Halloween through New Year’s… I’m going to work on them all year long. Starting TODAY. 🙂

It’s going to be DONE so that when things come up, as they inevitably do, when I return from some thirteen-state tour by auto or some hospital bedside I need only step to the carefully labeled box marked item and date and unpack it. To Wal Mart for some containers!