I wholeheartedly agree, and this is serious business! I am so happy to see that someone, anyone, can offer support in something I’ve always believed!– Kim

Men & Women

“I object to anything that divides the two sexes.  My main point is this: human development has now reached a point at which sexual difference has become a thing of altogether minor importance.  We make too much of it; we are men and women in the second place, human beings in the first.”
-Olive Shreiner (1884)

The “battle of the sexes” was an issue back in the 1800’s and we’re still talking about it today.  Clearly, there is a difference between men and women.  But maybe we’ve come to the point where we can understand that our similarities far outweigh our differences.  Rather than look at what divides us, let’s look at what binds us.  We aren’t Martians and Venusians, we’re here together on the same planet.
 -Lissa Coffey

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