on cartalk.com to donate my ol’ rodeo… snif… I am going to sit down and cry when it goes. What an idiot I am, with so many bigger fish to fry! From the Car Talk Donation web form:

“Missing parts, damage, recent repairs, custom accessories, or mechanical problems:

Problems: has been sitting under a carport. not started in a  year or more. was running when we parked it. Needs water pump and radiator– we just could not afford the time energy and money to get this done. Driver’s power window will not shut. very dusty. dirt inside because we used it to pull out and haul azalea bushes when it was on its last legs. Cracked passenger side headlight. 200K miles. Needs general tuneup/cleanup.

General: With occasional repair to electrical system, this has been an absolute beauty of a car for me for 9 years 125K miles (bought in 1999 with 74K miles on it). I am going to shed some tears when it goes.

Was flooded about 4 feet deep in Houston in 2001; after that entire electrical wiring etc. was re-done and I believe this re-do contributed to the car lasting so long.

The two wheel drive Santa Fe I drive now is but a pale imitation.

Custom accessories: v6 4wd. 6 cd disc changer. sunroof. brush guard. trailer hitch. leather interior (kind of cracked and dirty now).

LORD I hate to let this thing go. It is a real work truck– get it dirty. go ahead, hit it, you think I care? you think you’re the first? it will damage your car worse than it will damage mine. trust me. Rearended in 2005 hooked the poor girl’s car and busted her radiator with the trailer hitch. Got hit on the beltway in DC– who cares? Feel lucky?

Goodbye old thing.

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